• Our Academy prides itself on its close-knit congenial atmosphere. Showing respect for yourself and others is a key component of martial arts training. The following guidelines outline the expected etiquette and personal care for all members of the Academy; we take the health, safety and happiness of our students seriously. We look forward to seeing you at our classes.
    • Safety and technical practice must always be our highest priority.
    • Be on time for class. If you come in late, let the instructor know and join the class without disrupting them.
    • Show respect to higher rank students and to those who are senior in age to you. Be attentive when the Instructor is speaking and teaching.
    • Self-control and good sportsmanship are a must at all times in the Academy.
    • Students are not to teach during a class.
    • Work together with your partner so that a mutual benefit of training is achieved.
    • If at anytime during training you are in danger of being injured through an applied technique or approach another group’s training space, firmly tap your partner or say STOP and this will initiate your partner to immediately STOP applying any technique.
    • Applying submissions – especially as a beginner – submissions, even in sparring, should be applied slowly and with control.

    Personal Care

    • Finger and toenails must be trimmed short.
    • Hair, if long, must be pulled back and secured.
    • A shower/bath before class and use of under arm deodorant is required. Brush your Teeth/use Mouthwash!
    • The kimono and or training attire shall be washed and thoroughly clean prior to every use.
    • The uniform shall be in good condition and have no foul orders.
    • Earrings and all others body piercing, wrist and ankle bracelets and rings with the exception of wedding bands are prohibited. Wedding bands can be worn as long as they are covered with athletic tape.
    • Be alert for open wounds, rashes etc on yourself or your training partner.
    • Mouthguards are optional but recommended. It only takes one stray elbow or knee to hurt you.